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Xpert Health Consultants value the interest of all their members and promise delivery on the best advice possible as we believe that all members are the key ingredient to our success.

Xpert Health Consultants

Medical aid is a minefield. Trying to decipher the technical jargon, hidden clauses and pages of fine print just adds to your stress and uncertainty. XpertHealth takes the strain out of choosing a medical aid and makes the process as simple and as easy to understand as possible. Let our expert consultants guide you through the process of choosing the right medical aid for you, your family and your pocket.

Why Xpert Health?

  • Our consultants are experts in their field, highly experienced and professional and live up to our promise of delivering the best advice on different medical aid options
  • Our consultants operate independently of medical aid schemes, administrators and underwriters and therefore offer unbiased and impartial advice
  • Once you’ve signed up with your medical aid of choice, we provide on-going support by managing and resolving all your queries and concerns
  • Our website also allows you to compare different medical aid schemes by clicking on the COMPARE SCHEMES button at the top of the page

Manage your Cover Responsibly

Once you’ve signed up for a medical aid plan that suits you, you can’t simply pack away your policy forms and forget about them. You need to manage your healthcare cover in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and nasty surprises. That’s why we offer continued after-sales service and advice and will keep you updated on your scheme’s products and benefits, help you understand their rules and procedures and handle every claim from the day it’s received to the day it’s paid.

Plan Ahead

Remember that you’re not just choosing a medical aid scheme; you’re choosing a lifelong healthcare partner. That’s why you need to think and plan ahead when choosing the right scheme for you. Think of starting a family one day or the care you’ll need as you grow older. We’ll help you choose a medical aid that meets your needs now and in the future?

Do your Homework

Understanding your medical aid’s policy on payment of claims and general cover can save you time and money. Our consultants will explain the complicated rules and procedures to you and help you understand them, so that you can avoid common problems most members face due to a lack of knowledge. For example, most medical aid schemes require the member to submit any claims within three months. If you’re not aware of this rule and fail to comply with it, the claim will become stale and your medical aid will not cover it.